You Just Interviewed: Now What?

Phew! The interview is over, which means the “worst” is over. But you’re still not done connecting with your prospective employer.

If you really want the job and want to make a good impression, it’s important to follow up in multiple ways. Take a look below…

Old school is the new school.

The first thing you should do after interviewing is write a thank you note and either mail it or deliver it in person to the receptionist. Why not an email? Because that takes absolutely no effort on your part. A handwritten note takes a little more time (and money!) and shows you are truly invested in the position.

Find reasons to follow up.

After you’ve delivered your thank you, you’re still not done. Two days after your interview, email HR or the manager your reference list (thanking them again along the way). If you don’t hear from them, call the next day and make sure they received your references. You can also ask for any feedback at this time.

If you’ve gone a week after your interview and still not heard anything, feel free to email the hiring manager, expressing your interest in the position and looking forward to hearing from them soon. Also give them an update on your job search—it might prompt them to get moving on making a decision.

Still haven’t heard from them in two weeks? Give it one more shot with an email updating your job search endeavors, but assume it’s also time to move on. Chances are good it’s them and not you ;)

Organization is key…

While applying to many positions, it’s important to stay organized so you know when to follow up and who to follow up with. It would not be a very good impression if you emailed Tom but called him Bob because you got your interviews mixed up.

A simple notebook with a page for each interview should do the job. Or if you prefer technology, keep a document or spreadsheet with the information on your computer, smartphone, or tablet.

Ready to get started with the interview process?

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