Interview Tips: Be So Good They Can’t Ignore You

Have an interview soon? With just a little preparation beforehand, you’ll make sure they can’t ignore you, whether you want the job or not.

Follow these simple guidelines for your best shot at landing the job. And if you’re interested in an even deeper dive, be sure to check out the podcast below.

1. Do your homework—research the company.

It’s never a good idea to show up to an interview without at least checking out the company’s website. Know what they do, know who their competitors are, and know what is on their webpages.

Pro-Tip: If they are a publicly traded company, review an earnings call. That can give you some major insight and impress in an interview. Also, use keywords and phrases like, “During my research…,” “EXAMPLE,” and “EXAMPLE.”

2. Social media is a “thing” these days. Use it to get to know your interviewer(s).

Utilize the full power of social media to your advantage. Research who is going to be in the interview, and try to see if you have any similarities with them.

Pro-Tip: Be sure NOT to use this power for evil.

3. As Scar from The Lion King said, “Be Prepared.”

There’s nothing worse than showing up to an interview and not being prepared. Glance over the route to the company’s address well before you leave, so you know where you are going. And make sure to leave with plenty of time to get there.

Pro-Tip: As cliche as it is, dress to impress! Overdressing is always better than underdressing. If there’s a particular dress code they advise, then, of course, follow suit. And along those lines—hygiene is key. Don’t smoke beforehand and forget your cologne/perfume. A nice, fresh and clean aroma is all you’ll need.

Oh, and it’s essential you bring a notebook, and… you know… take notes!

4. BE HUMBLE (Yes, this requires all-caps).

If this is not self-explanatory, give me a shout.

Pro-Tip: Listen to Kendrick Lamar on this one.

5. Keep answers on PAR (Problem, Answer, Result).

Don’t ramble, and a good way to ensure you don’t is to keep your answers on PAR.

If you’re asked a “Tell me about a time when…” question, advise—what was the Problem, what Action did you take, and finally, what was the Result.

Pro-Tip: Sticking to these three points will keep you focused and on track, two great qualities in a potential candidate.

5.5. If you think the interview is going well (and you are interested)—go for it!

Go ahead and ask: “Have I said anything in this interview that would lead you to believe that I am NOT a good fit for the role?” Or any version of the question that is comfortable for you.

Pro-Tip: Taking initiative, when done correctly, can get you far.

Looking for a deeper dive?

Looking for more tips on the entire hiring process? Check out TakeCTRL for more blogs, podcasts, and more!


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